Welcome to LaurenBrocious.com

I started LaurenBrocious.com in January of 2015. I wanted to create a website where ladies alike can keep up to date on all things beauty and fashion. I want everyone who visits my website to feel inspired and like they just gained a new friend. I updates my blog daily with posts about fashion, beauty,… Continue reading Welcome to LaurenBrocious.com

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My Goals for my Sophomore Year of College

Hi ya'll, I hope everyone is doing well. Right now, I am going through quite a couple of big changes and transitions in my life. As I'm getting older, I'm really trying to learn from my mistakes and learn to grow as a person from them. I'm constantly am wanting to improve and get better… Continue reading My Goals for my Sophomore Year of College

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Products I’ve Been DYING To Buy | Lauren Brocious

Hey guys, I hope you all are doing so well. Recently, I've been in these moods to just go and buy everything. (I have these moods way too often) As a broke college student, I spend my days drooling over the things that real adults can afford. As a YouTuber, I'm constantly seeing people review… Continue reading Products I’ve Been DYING To Buy | Lauren Brocious


My Favorite YouTubers

Hi beauties, I get so many questions from people regarding who I watch on YouTube. I tend to stick within a certain realm of beauty and fashion but I don't have much time to always watch every video I want. I usually always watch five of the same YouTubers and every time they upload, I MUST… Continue reading My Favorite YouTubers