Welcome to LaurenBrocious.com

I started LaurenBrocious.com in January of 2015. I wanted to create a website where ladies alike can keep up to date on all things beauty and fashion. I want everyone who visits my website to feel inspired and like they just gained a new friend. I updates my blog daily with posts about fashion, beauty,… Continue reading Welcome to LaurenBrocious.com

Life as Lauren

Review on “Sorority Girls Can Change The World”

Hey ya'll, So recently I had the chance to finally relax and sit down and to read a book. Now I know what you’re thinking, “that’s what you’re doing with your time off, reading?” Yes. I have been seeing a book all over my Instagram feed and have been absolutely dying to read it. I… Continue reading Review on “Sorority Girls Can Change The World”


My Current Makeup Favorites

I constantly get a lot of questions regarding my favorite makeup. I am someone who constantly is changing up my routine and always want to make sure my makeup is looking fresh and clean. My entire makeup routine has completely shifted in three months time and I'm a huge believer of that's how it should be. I've… Continue reading My Current Makeup Favorites

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Business Inquires

Hi, Thank you so much for reaching out to me and considering me to be apart of your project or company. I enjoy working with all companies, start ups and well established. Here are some key facts about me: I am currently a college freshman attending Virginia Commonwealth University located in Richmond, VA I am… Continue reading Business Inquires