New Year’s Shopping Fest

On New Year’s day, the Brocious family has an annual tradition of a shopping spree. When it comes to shopping, the Brocious girls don’t take it lightly. We went to Tyson’s Corner Mall which is located a little outside of DC. It is absolutely MASSIVE. And I love it. Nothing feels quite better than being handed a shopping bag. We first went to the American Girl Doll Store so my sister, who is only eleven, could get some things. Next we went to the Tyson’s Galleria. It’s a mall with only upscale stores; Gucci, Prada, and Henry Bendel to name a few. We went to the Lilly Pulitzer store so I could buy a dress that I have always been in love with. The Lilly store is heaven on Earth. It is beautiful and fun and girly and everything right in this world. Our next stop was Vineyard Vines. Vineyard Vines was so fun and nautical. I ended up getting an adorable blue vest, a long sleeved tee shirt, and of course, baseball hat. We went to the Cheesecake Factory afterwards where I got a salad and pizza. We went back to the main mall where I went to American Eagle and grabbed some pants and sweaters. Lastly I went to MAC and had my makeup done and bought some foundation, concealer, and powder. Overall, it was a wonderful day to spend my New Year’s!


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