My Printable Organizers and Planners

Hi guys,

Long time. No talk! How I have missed blogging! I plan to sit down and do a life update soon and I finally downloaded the app on my phone so hopefully I will post more frequently! As promised on my Instagram page, here are the links of planners and daily organizers that I use. They are wonderful and fabulous and make me feel super on top of things. I usually go in at the start of every week and write stuff in (as well as in my Lilly P planner) and then add things as I go. I use these as an OUTLINE of my day and then I use my planner of a list of things I need to get accomplished in a certain time frame. I keep track of everything on my daily organizers including schedules, important phone calls and emails, calories consumed, workout plans, glasses of water that I have drinken, as well as an estimated time schedule! I find myself becoming very efficient and well managed when using the two in conjunction! Until next time, take care and stay classy!


Lauren Brocious

Daily Organizers

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