An Open Letter to 2016

Dear 2016,You’ve sucked. And I’m happy to be leaving you. It all started out with getting sick, and when I mean sick, I mean the doctors say that they haven’t seen someone this sick before. I was sick for three months. And right after I got better, tragedy struck. You took away someone I loved and someone I cared about. Watching my friend go through such heartbreak was heartbreaking for me. To continue, one month later, I found out that one of my best friend’s in the world made a hate website against me. WONDERFUL. And this was only March. The pain and the upset I went through was relentless. But wait, there’s more. April came and I ended up in such a low that I was hospitalized and missed my senior prom. Then as soon as I got out you introduced me to someone who I thought I cared about me but did nothing but walk all over me and break my heart. Months and months of emotional abuse followed by later physical. To continue the cycle, let’s fast forward to November. My hours from work got cut and my depression starting coming back. I felt helpless. And meaningless. And worthless. Fast forward to December, I found death threats against me online. This year couldn’t have gotten any worse.

Dear 2016,

I appreciate you. Thank you for teaching me so many lessons I needed to know. Even though I was sick for three months and couldn’t function, it taught me that I should never take my health for granted. And right afterwords, you took a beautiful little girl to heaven which taught me that every life is precious and to appreciate your family. In March, I learned that sometimes people who claim to be your “friend” really aren’t. You can’t trust everyone who walks into your life. And in April, you taught me how to take care of my mental health and address it so I could get healthier. After, you made me realize my worth and realize that no relationship is ever worth suffering through. Then you gave me a break from a stressful work environment and gave me the time to spend time with my family and meet my wonderful boyfriend. Lastly in December, I remember how much God loves me and how he has kept me safe. 

The reality is, no one can have a “perfect year”. Instead of being so negative, we should learn to grow and to be grateful for what we have. Life is a blessing and at the end of the day, I’m just happy I can see another year. So instead of listing all the things that went wrong, list the things that you’ve learned and improved on. 
A changed person 

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