Hey guys,

I have been working so hard the past couple of days to provide content for you all. I feel like I’ve really been slacking on my blog as well as my YouTube and I really want to make sure I am staying up to date and staying true to myself. It’s so hard in such a busy life to keep up on everything BUT it shouldn’t be an excuse to slack off.

So to start off with my update, I am going to be moving into my first apartment and I feel like a big girl. I’m preparing for moving in and I have some great ideas for what I want everything to look like. I’m moving in with my friend Yasmin who has been great and I couldn’t have asked for a better roommate.


I also am uploading videos every Monday, Thursday, and Sunday. This month, I’ll be uploading on Saturday’s for my new feature¬†#srattySaturday. I’m excited to get out of my box and to be a little bit more creative.


Love ya’ll,

Lauren Brocious

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