What I Pack on Vacation! |Lauren Brocious

Hey guys,

I’m so excited because I’m currently going on my second vacation this summer! (I know, I’m spoiled) I thought I would go ahead and make a video of things that I take with me when I know I have limited space to pack. I will be only gone for four days but if you’re like me, you gotta have lots of options. Here’s what I packed in my four-day getaway beach vacation bag…

Vera Bradley Tote


I pack everything in this nice Vera tote that has a zipper and side pockets.

Medicine Bag

I got this bag from a subscription box and it’s where I store all my medicines

Skincare and Hair bag


This Estee Lauder bag is where I store all my basics. I have hair stuff and skin products. (I have extra toothbrushes at the place where I’m staying) I love all of these products and they are staples for when I travel!

Makeup bag

These are all of my makeup favorites that I feel like I couldn’t live without. I try to pack more travel-friendly makeup and just the basics that I would use every day versus what I would carry around in my freelance bag.

More skincare


I also included my favorite primer and finishing and setting sprays along with mascara and eyeliner!

brush bag


My brushes need to be cleaned, they well overdue! (Project after vacation) but I just put all my tools into this cute little ipsy bag.


And of course, I have to include makeup remover wipes, lotion, and body spray.



I pack about 3 regular bras, two sports bras, six pairs of underwear, and a pair of SPANX


I also make sure to throw in my bag a one piece swim suit (for jet skiing) and a two piece with two tank tops and two pairs of gym shorts! And of course, pajamas.



I made sure to bring three different tops, two pairs of shorts, and a nice dress for dinner.



And of course, I had to bring my beach flip flops, my leather Lilly flip flops, and my Nike Free Runs!




I also did pack a curling iron and I will be packing a book with my chargers and computer. I hope you guys are having a wonderful summer! Much love!



Lauren Brocious

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