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Staying Hungry ft Derek Rogers


Recently, I had the opportunity to meet an amazing gentleman named Derek Rogers. Much like myself, Derek has a passion for helping people to reach their potential. Derek has spoken and influenced hundreds of people and is currently working on receiving his Masters in Educational Administration. What sticks out to me the most about Derek is his drive for success and helping others. It’s not very often that I meet people that have the same passion and enthusiasm for helping others that Derek does. Derek always has a smile on his face with his arms opened to embrace others. Derek and I have decided to put our minds together and write weekly articles about motivation and helping others succeed. I am so excited to continue on this journey with him.



Lauren Brocious


“Many of us have dreams, goals, and aspirations in life. Some may want to achieve their dream career, others may want to start a family and provide for their kids, and some even simply seek a comfortable, stress-free life. Unfortunately, most of the aforementioned have already written their final chapter in the story of their lives before even writing the plot. Any successful author will tell you that the best story tells itself. They start with the beginning, understanding yourself and the story that could possibly take place. Then they build up towards the climax, all the while overcoming difficulties and hardships along the way. And then comes the climax, the pinnacle part in the story that allows them to understand why everything happened. Finally, the ending comes along, most of the time surprising the reader from the time they began the story until the ending. Well, I’m here to say that life is no different. Don’t write your ending before understanding your story. You can be anything you aspire to be, but if you have an end goal in mind already, you’ll never reach beyond that.

So why do most of us feel this way? There are a couple main reasons: Fear, reasoning, complacency. Fear is the largest deterrent of continuing the good fight towards a life of unimaginable meaning. 85% of people don’t continue to push beyond their personal limitations because of fear of failure. The thought of continual pursuit of a better life requires leaving their personal mountaintop and venturing back into the valley for more fights ahead. Most people give in to this fear and settle for reasoning in life. They’ve come to a reasonable mind, allowing the world’s opinion and their own mental restraints to enchain them to the life they currently live. But here’s the thing, you’ve got to be unreasonable to bypass reasonable thinking. Reason never makes room for miracles and will send us to our graves having never known our true potential. Of these three, complacency is the easiest to fall for. After marriage, kids, or a house, many adults simply stop working on themselves. They fear to continue, knowing the sacrifice of time, family moments, and free time are only a few needed to push upward in life. Some of us even seek complacency as a way of expelling fear and uncomfortably from their lives. But always remember a painter who desires very little and achieves it has failed in life.

I was once told that the richest place on earth is a cemetery. That’s right, where the dead and gone lay to rest. Graveyards are where you will find all the hopes and dreams that were never fulfilled, all because people were too afraid to carry on with their lives to larger heights. It’s here that the lecture that was never given lays, the cures for diseases that were never discovered rest, and the songs never sung will spend the rest of their days undiscovered. To each and every reader, you have more to do in your life, and it is beyond your reasonable thinking.

While I have stated the many reasons why one could justify not pushing forward in life after complacency and reasonable thinking set in, it’s quite simple to see how those have persevered made it to where they are. The Vanderbilt family, Warren Buffet, Walt Disney, just to name a few, understood that most people fall victim of these three deterrents for success. However, they chose to keep pushing forward, despite failures and setbacks. These men, and many other successful people realized the truth in Zig Ziglar’s famous quote, “There is no traffic jam on the extra mile”. Many quit after a couple tough situations, falling back to their “Plan B” in life.

If you knock on someone’s door and they don’t know you, chances are they won’t open it. But if you keep on knocking, the higher chance they will answer. Success is no different; just keep on knocking. Eventually, life will get tired of whooping you if you stay persistent and hungry for more.

To each and every reader, understand what it is you want out of life. And then multiply that by a number so high you couldn’t have dreamed it before. Reach for that; aim for the stars. Very few have the persistence, tenacity, and faith to achieve more out of life than what it gives to others. Choose goals that take a lifetime to achieve and will require you to never let your foot off the gas. Because one day you will realize that you have changed your family’s lives for generations to come, rewriting the history that your ancestors settled for. I believe in each and every one of you. You’ve got to stay hungry in life!”


-Derek Rogers

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