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Lilly Pulitzer Try On

Recently, I went to Lilly Pulitzer and I tried on some new dresses. I loved all of them because they are Lilly however only a couple of them made the cut. IMG_4303.JPG

I really like this dress and the pattern of it however I’m not a fan of the material. It tends to pull a lot and doesn’t make me feel very confident. I decided to pass on this but if you’re shorter and more petite than I am you’ll love this one for sure.

IMG_9637 2.JPG

I also loved this dress however I honestly think that it didn’t flatter my figure. I wasn’t a fan of the way it fit on my hips. I also passed on this dress.IMG_5321 2.JPG

I also really love this dress however the only reason I’m passing on it is because it pulls when I sit. I have very long legs and I’m very tall (5’9) and it pulls and shows too much. It is very pretty but I’m just not crazy about how it fits.


I also love this dress. This one didn’t pull as much as the others however I’m indecisive  if I want this one. I don’t feel incredibly confident and it makes me look heavier however I do like the dress itself. IMG_2789.JPG I really love this dress. I have a couple of wrap dresses and I enjoy the colors of it. I am for sure getting this one. IMG_4870.JPG

This one was WAYYY to tight on my chest. I love it but wish it wasn’t so tight. This dress is perfect for the holidays. IMG_3874.JPG

I loved this one and I think for sure I would get it however I’m not sure how practical it is. I feel very good in it an I love the color of pink and how flow-y the dress is but I’m just not sure how much wear I would get out of it. IMG_1858.JPG

Hands down this is my favorite dress. I’m obsessed with this and one of the employees informed me it’s coming in black. I love the style and fit of the dress and I feel super confident in it. I’m for sure getting this dress in every pattern.


Thanks so much for reading and let me know which one you all liked the best.


Much love,


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