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How To Hoard Makeup Like a PRO

I constantly am asked “Lauren, how do you afford all of the makeup you own?” It’s no surprise that I hoard makeup. Lots of it. I LOVE makeup. I want all the makeup I can get my hands on. But it’s damn expensive. A good makeup collection can cost from $300 and let’s be real, we’re broke college student, we don’t have that type of money. Here are my tips and tricks to how I’ve built up my makeup collection on a budget.

  1. Low Budget Retailers

    Shopping at places like TJ Maxx are crucial to making your makeup game on #fleek. I always get my tools, brushes, and lashes there. I also will go in about every two weeks. They often rotate their makeup and sometime bring in high end brands.

2. Nordstrom Rack

Nordstrom Rack is amazing for the makeup junkie like myself. I will get palettes from The Balm there for $14. They have some amazing steals.


Sephora and Ulta have some amazing gift sets. Not only are you getting a lot of product for a cheaper price, you also are getting a wide variety of product.


Hustle your little makeup loving self to the clearance aisle in any store. I’ve gotten some amazing products for some super cheap prices.

5. Reach out to companies
If you have a blog, a lot of companies will be willing to send you scents and makeup. Scentbird is a big company that always sends products to review.

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