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Goals for 2018

Every year, I always make goals for myself and take an oath to change things about myself. I realize that I only follow through with about 40% of those things. I know I could go for the cliche, “This year is going to be different” argument but there is no point. I’ve learned that the things that I find most important, I will make an unconscious effort to accomplish. The other things, not so much. As I reflect on my year of 2017, here are the things I hope to improve on.

  • Live a healthier lifestyle. 

I am trying to avoid the term lose weight. I am not trying to lose anything. I am trying to gain a healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle. I think ‘lose” has a negative connotation which has always turned me off to weight. I also think this will be easier post surgery.

  • Be more thankful

I get so caught up in worldly matters that I forget how minimal my problems are. I need to start getting upset about what I don’t have a focus on what I do.

  • Practice Minimalism

I am a makeup hoarder and I want to stop focusing so much on my worldly possessions and just having so much stuff. I think by minimizing the amount of stuff I have, it will be better and my space will be cleaner and I will be more efficient in my work. Not to mention less clean up and laundry.

  • Travel More

This is more of a goal. I love traveling and visiting places so I just want to go to as many places as I can in 2018.

  • Clean through all social media and delete all negative people from my life

When I go on my feeds and I see negative people, my vibe immediately becomes negative. I am planning to clean out my Facebook so I only am friends with people I know as well as my other social media platforms.

  • Think more positive thoughts

I want to stop being so concerned about the worst thing that could possibly happen. I’ve let negativity stop be and I don’t want that to happen ever again in the future.

  • Create better studying habits

I am a procrastinator. A HUGE one. I want to get better at time management as well as just being better to sit down and study without distractions.

  • Keep my blog and Youtube more updated

This is something I let slip away. I say this all the time. THIS will get better.

  • Pray more often

I love Jesus. He loves me. We need more quality time together.

  • Cut out aluminum and hurtful products for the skin

Just cutting out products that are harmful is a huge goal of mine. Anything with aluminum or microbeads.  I want to start using things that are better for the environment and for my skin.

  • Put more time into my charity

I want to keep doing big things with the YouDefineYou Project. I want to keep changing lives and keep loving and helping others. Sometimes I feel like giving up but it’s important to keep swimming.

  • Get better with money management

I suck at money. I want to save my money and pay more bills on time so that way, I don’t have to worry about money all the time throughout college.


I hope you all found this post inciteful and that you can relate. Feel free to comment your New Years Resolution’s and Goals. I want to keep a journal of how I do and a reflection of how I did at the end of 2018.

Much love,

Lauren Brocious

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