Hi everyone, 

Welcome back to my blog! I hope everyone is having a great holiday season. One of my favorite things to read on the internet is people’s holiday wish lists. I think that they are a great inspiration for what to get other people for the holidays and also think of some great things to ask for yourself. Here are some things that are at the top of my wishlist:

  1.  I really have been wanting a steamer to travel with and also to make sure I look a little more put together.  

2. I have been wanting a personal handheld vacuum to clean up my messes from my car and my makeup room. I think it’s a pretty great item for everyone to have. 

3. I think a crockpot would be nice to get so I can have it for events as well as just for a quick easy dinner. 

4. I am awful at always making sure to turn off the coffee maker and I sometimes just need a single cup of coffee. I think that this would help cut down on time but fulfill my needs. 

5. I just want a new bedspread. I bought jersey sheets from Target and think this would go well and would fit the bedroom theme. 

6. I drink a ton of water and would love a hydroflask. I have heard so many great things about this water bottle and I really would love to get one to carry around every day. 

7. I really have needed a pair of rainboots. I think that my boots have not been able to sustain the rain and it’s time I get an actual pair of boots that were made for rain. 

8. I really love these sunglasses and I think I deserve to be able to get a “big girl” pair of sunglasses. Jacyln Hill just made a collection and I’m obsessed with these! 

Quay Very Busy Sunglasses

9. I am really in the market for these room concentrated sprays from Bath and Body Works. They are my favorite and I think they smell the best! 

10. I really would love just a new purse. I don’t really like expensive handbags because I’m such a messy person and I think that this would be an awesome gift to get! 

I hope you all enjoyed this and were maybe inspired for what you wanted for Christmas. 

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