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What I Pack on Vacation! |Lauren Brocious

Hey guys, I'm so excited because I'm currently going on my second vacation this summer! (I know, I'm spoiled) I thought I would go ahead and make a video of things that I take with me when I know I have limited space to pack. I will be only gone for four days but if… Continue reading What I Pack on Vacation! |Lauren Brocious

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An Open Letter To The Person Who Thinks They Are A Waste Of Space

To the person who thinks that they are a waste of space on this Earth, At one point in my life I was like you. I went through the motions of life and wallowed in pure sadness. Getting up every day was a struggle for me and all I wanted to do was lay down… Continue reading An Open Letter To The Person Who Thinks They Are A Waste Of Space

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My Printable Organizers and Planners

Hi guys, Long time. No talk! How I have missed blogging! I plan to sit down and do a life update soon and I finally downloaded the app on my phone so hopefully I will post more frequently! As promised on my Instagram page, here are the links of planners and daily organizers that I… Continue reading My Printable Organizers and Planners

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Mayhem and Meredith

Yesterday was our Christmas take down day. We have eight Christmas trees in our house. That was not fun. At all. After cleaning the downstairs all day, I finally go to hang out with my friend Meredith. We have been friends since we were babies. We are only 15 days apart. We went and got… Continue reading Mayhem and Meredith