Dr. Lauren’s Corner: Relationship and Love Advice

Dr. Lauren,

There’s a boy in my Geometry class that I really like. I want to tell him I like him but I’m scared he doesn’t like me back? What do I do?

-Scared of Not Just Numbers

Look, you have to risk it, to get the biscuit. That’s something I’ve been saying for years. I know exactly how nerve racking it can be to have a crush on someone and not knowing if the reciprocate mutual feelings for you. My advice is to start of settle. MAKE BODY CONTACT. Boys aren’t like girls when it comes to flirting. You have to be VERY straight up with them and often times that is through body language. Start off settle, maybe a touch on the shoulder or a pat of the back and work your way up to maybe a brush across the hand. Eventually, he will get more comfy to you. If that’s even too much for you….then listen….you have to put yourself out there. You can never move on or become anything great without failure or rejection. With that, if he rejects you that is his loss. Don’t get too hung up on him if he says no because I promise you’ll find someone else. If he says yes….then get excited girl. No matter what love yourself and stay classy. XOXO

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