My Goals for Summer 2018

Hey all. As you all know, I am a pretty self-driven person. I create lots of goals for myself. And sometimes I accomplish them and other times I don't. I wanted to post my goals for Summer 2018 so that a) I feel like I can't ditch them b) to help inspire you all  … Continue reading My Goals for Summer 2018

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Hi friends, I decided today to write a blog post on women that have motivated me over the course of my life. I'm lucky to have been impacted by so many wonderful women who have been proven to be straight #girlbosses. These women have impacted and inspired me in some way shape or form. I… Continue reading #InspirationalWomenWednesday

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Hi Ya'll, So this morning as I was driving to the dentist's office, I was thinking about how much I love motivating others. I go around to schools and constantly motivate others and tell people how much they are worth and valued, so why not turn that into an Instagram concept? I decided to create… Continue reading MotivINSTA