My Goals for Summer 2018

Hey all. As you all know, I am a pretty self-driven person. I create lots of goals for myself. And sometimes I accomplish them and other times I don't. I wanted to post my goals for Summer 2018 so that a) I feel like I can't ditch them b) to help inspire you all  … Continue reading My Goals for Summer 2018

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Hi Ya'll, So this morning as I was driving to the dentist's office, I was thinking about how much I love motivating others. I go around to schools and constantly motivate others and tell people how much they are worth and valued, so why not turn that into an Instagram concept? I decided to create… Continue reading MotivINSTA

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Goals for 2018

Every year, I always make goals for myself and take an oath to change things about myself. I realize that I only follow through with about 40% of those things. I know I could go for the cliche, "This year is going to be different" argument but there is no point. I've learned that the… Continue reading Goals for 2018